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    Miami Gardens
    Youth Development | Community | Crime Reduction

Contribute to Lavern Deer's Campaign for Mayor of the City of Miami Gardens Over 10 year’s management experience and political, Solid leadership skills.

Candidate For MAYOR
City of Miami Gardens

The Campaign to elect Lavern Deer, Candidate for City of Miami Gardens, Mayor is dedicated to providing a new direction for our youths, reduction of crime and community development while expanding opportunities for all. Our agenda focusses on, Youth Development & Social Reform, Crime Reduction and Safety, Economic Development, Access to Quality Healthcare, Infrastructural Beautification and Cultural Integration.

Being elected Mayor, gives me the platform to generate success in Youth Development, Crime Reduction and Community Development. With my plans to move the city forward, I encourage you to come out and vote for me on Tuesday August 18, 2020.

Representing the people of Miami Gardens

  • Youth Development & Social Reform
  • Crime Reduction and Safety
  • Economic Development
  • Access to Quality Healthcare
  • Infrastructural Beautification
  • Cultural Integration